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12 Inch Purple Jute Burlap Rolls

1) Jute Fabric (JF-089)
2) Accept OEM service to make according to customers' requirements


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If you are considering making a purple jute burlap bag, you may be in for a surprise! There is a huge range of jute available and you can make many different colors. One material that is very difficult to find is purple jute burlap, and although it does exist, it is difficult to find, particularly in bags. It seems to be an unmatchable bright purple, and while it looks good, it has no practical application.

This article will show you how to make jute burlap rolls and purple bags using only jute. You will not have to buy any special tools or fabrics because jute is already available as bagging material. It is strong and moisture resistant and that means no fading and no shrinkage either. The most important factor is that it has a better density than cotton, so you will be able to get thicker rolls without losing much material. It is very hard to find quality materials that are tougher than this.

So, what you need to make new purple jute burlap rolls? You do not have to be an expert to make this; all you need is some scissors, a rolling pin, a string, a roll of burlap and plenty of patience. To make a purple bag, first cut a piece of burlap to the size of the piece you are using as the roll. Next, using the rolling pin, roll the burlap as evenly as possible until it is flat and even, but not too flat as it will shrink when it is damp, which can cause holes in the burlap. Continue rolling until you have enough material to make a consistent length and you are ready to make the purple jute burlap rolls.

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