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A Review of Jute Ribbon

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Jute Ribbon is quite an interesting fabric, that I have read about and read many times in books, but never tried before. In fact, it had never been used by me, until now. The first time I saw this ribbon was when I was at a trade show and I was looking for something to tie my scarf around the neck of a costume I wanted to wear. I spotted a piece of this material and thought "wow" this looks very different from any other material I had seen.

Jute is usually spun into rope that is very soft and pliable and lightweight, but is also strong and durable. It is woven with a mesh-like material that is put together with a number of knots and stitches that make the fabric extremely strong and durable. Most people are familiar with this mesh-like weave in the consumer goods industry, such as rugs and bedspreads and a variety of other home and floor coverings.

Jute can be used to create a monogrammed item. This material is sometimes used in clothing and accessories because of its unique feel and texture. What's nice about using this material is that it is not only strong and can last for many years, but it is also easily cleaned. Since it can be so absorbent means it easily collects dirt and other types of grime, so it makes cleaning quite easy.

Jute ribbon is used in place of cloth tape for numerous reasons, one of which is to create a decorative look on all sorts of different items, such as pillows, shams, tables, tote bags, etc. For example, I created some pillows out of this ribbon by cutting out squares or strips of fabric, then folding each strip into half and stitching them together with a sewing machine, creating a fringe that is very decorative.

Necklaces made of this material are very elegant and add a great deal of beauty to any type of jewelry box. I have seen necklaces made out of this material for many occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, graduations, or any other special occasion that you would like to gift someone. By far the most popular use for this material is for wrapping gifts for small children, and many women actually use it for this reason, too. For example, parents give a baby gift wrapped in this material to their little boy, or girl, and the child loves it.

If you are planning on giving something like a diaper bag to a friend or loved one who has been through a lot of traveling, you could wrap the bag in this material. This material would make a very useful gift that is not only practical, but very stylish, too. Not only is it reusable but it's water resistant, too. This material is durable enough that it will not fade or wear out.

Jute ribbon comes in a wide variety of colors, including blue, pink, red, yellow, green, white, and even black, which makes it really easy to find the one that matches your decor. While a monogrammed item will stand out, if you prefer to just wrap your gift in a plain gift bag with the monogram on the bag, it will also work just as well.

All of these materials make this material a real material of choice when you want to find something that is durable and versatile. These fabrics can easily be cut, rolled, tied, twisted, woven, and wrapped for nearly any occasion or task.

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