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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Poly Burlap Fabric

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Poly burlap is a very interesting type of material that has many benefits. For one it is a completely natural product and there are no chemicals used to process it, making it safe to use around children and animals. Plus it is breathable, which means that the material will draw moisture away from the body, keeping you cool during hot weather. The material also has many thermal qualities as well so that it can help you with any heat reflective project you might want to attempt. It can be an incredible barrier against sound as it has a very high R-value, which means that it is going to stand up to a lot of noise. These are just some of the benefits of using poly burlap fabric cover for your projects around the home.

There are a few disadvantages to using poly burlap fabric cover though. Because of the nature of the material it can not be machine washed so you have to hand wash it or use a washing machine just to get it clean. Also the color and patterning in the material tend to fade after being exposed to a lot of sunlight so if you plan on putting an RV in the sun, you may want to consider getting a cover for it instead of trying to maintain the original color.

Another disadvantage of using poly burlap fabric is that the texture tends to cramp when you try to work with it on a tight spot. If you want a smooth feel to your project then it is important not to sew the cover on too tightly. Some people like to use the material as a sort of patch instead of sewing it to anything since it is quite simple to make a replacement if the original seems to be damaged. If you are going to use poly burlap as a final result for something like this, you should note that it can get crumpled up when it is exposed to a lot of heat.

These are two common disadvantages of poly burlap fabric but there are a couple more things that may turn some people away from this type of material. The first issue is that it is typically very thick. For example, it may be four inches thick but if you need something that is eight inches in width and two and a half inches in depth, then you are looking at a huge investment. Also, the weight is quite noticeable since it is heavy and it will take a large amount of effort to fold it into a smaller size and place it inside of something.

On the other hand, there are a few advantages as well. Poly burlap fabric is generally waterproof and thus can help protect your outdoor furniture. Some manufacturers even coat the poly burlap fabric with a protective coating so that it can stand up against rain. In addition, poly burlap fabric tends to be a fairly strong material, especially compared to other materials, and it is very durable. These two factors are what allow poly burlap fabric to outlast many other types of fabric.

The last disadvantage of this type of burlap fabric is that it tends to wrinkle a lot. Poly burlap fabric can be somewhat soft and can wrinkle after being exposed to the sun for a couple years. In addition, this type of burlap fabric is not known for its comfort. Some individuals claim that after wearing poly burlap fabric for an extended period of time, the fabric itself can become stiff and tight. Although these Wrinkle Issues are not considered a drawback, it is still important to note them. Poly burlap fabric is still a great choice for many projects because it is inexpensive and waterproof, but it just may not be right for every situation.


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