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Burlap Fabric Wholesale

Burlap fabric wholesale is a popular fabric in the world, density is 7070 and weight about 380gsqm. logo, color, size both can be customized.
Product Description

coarse jute fabric

jute burlap fabric



Size:normal is 1.6m*100m per roll, accept customized size.

Color:natural and customzed color



Burlap fabric wholesale is a eco-friendly fabric made from natural high quality jute yarn, we use CBgrade jute yarn to produce burlap fabric wholesale, this jute fabric has the characteristics of high density, good flexibility, softness, environmental protection and degradable. Due to jute fabric’s high density and beautiful appearance, it is often used to make fashion items such as handbags, this jute fabric can also be used to decorate houses or important occasions such as weddings and parties, It is widely used in fashion field.


Size:  customized size, We can customize it according to customers' requirements. Let customers have more choices.

Color: burlap fabric wholesale normal color is natural, But we can do more than that, We can provide different colors of jute Fabric and logo. Let Jute Fabric unique.

Quality:high quality CBgrade jute yarn from Bangladesh, Less impurities, cleaner, more beautiful.

Use: It is often used to make high-end handbags and fashion products

Characteristic: 100%biodegradable, eco-friendly and recycling, Environmentally and physically friendly

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