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Burlap Table Runner Roll

Burlap Table Runner is a very popular table and decoration product, and Burlap Table Runner Roll is popular among people for its good quality and biodegradable characteristics. It is a healthy green product.
Product Description

Burlap Table Runner roll is usually made of 5050 density jute Fabric, but can also be customized according to customer needs. Burlap Table Runner roll has its own unique smell. It is tough, durable, wear-resistant, interwoven and has clear texture.

In addition to making tablecloths, burlap table runner roll can also be used for making hand-made bags, grain storage bags, book packaging, table flags, retro decorations, carpets, cushions, curtains, etc

Where can purchase high quality burlap table runner?

People usually go to Amazon or textile stores to buy Burlap Table Runners, but As a manufacturing power, China has always been the largest exporter of jute products, our factory ----Anji county jiahe jute textile factory is a professional jute textile factory with 20 years experiences and also provide burlap table runner to some big supermakets and big Amazon sellers.

Why so many clinets choose us?

We have 20 years of rich experience, our quaity is premium and have more than 200pieces partners in 100+ countries, many clients choose us to provide jute product because they trust us. We are not only business partners, we are good friends with every customer, we will help customers solve problems from the customer's point of view, to provide the best service to them.

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