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Burraco Ribbon Addresses Country Style Fits

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If you're into everything country-inspired but just can't say "no" to synthetic materials, don't fret-in store of jute ribbon, you'll find 10 Yards burlap cable wrap ribbons, which come in two pieces and have a smooth weave design that mimics the natural appearance of Burlap. The natural, smooth texture of these wirewrapped jute burraco cable wraps gives a rustic, country feel to any party or occasion and makes for a very useful addition to any home decor. These ribbed cable wraps feature a classic knot at the top, a loop or two below that wraps around to form the rest of the wrap, which is easy to remove and use for different projects.

Burraco's Wire Wrapped Jute Burraco cables are designed to be a classic and durable choice for those looking for a long lasting practical choice in party wrapping accessories. If you want something stylish and fun, but you don't necessarily want to compromise on quality, there are other styles available.

Burraco has an entire line of party wrapping accessories, including the classic burrito burro wrap. Burraco burro wraps are the perfect choice for casual parties and other casual events. These burraco burro wraps look and feel just like burraco burro wraps made from burraco fabric, but they also include the advantages of burrito material and durability-the burraco burro wraps are made with a superior solid and strong burraco burro cover to ensure years of wear, tear resistance. Plus, the burraco burro wrap is constructed using burraco burro material that is machine washable and can be easily dried out with a simple machine, and is machine safe-meaning that it won't tear up under pressure.

Burraco burro wraps are designed with a smooth weave of burraco burro cover that is both strong and durable-the burraco burro cover itself is a high quality natural burraco cover, which means it has a smooth, non-absorbent surface, allowing it to be gentle on your guests as well as the material it's attached to. The burraco burro cover is treated to be resistant to chemicals, and water, meaning that your burro wrap is made from burraco fiber of one hundred percent natural material that is water, stain, wrinkle, or bleach resistant and also machine washable.

In addition to burraco burro wraps, Burraco also provides the burrito wrap accessory that wraps around a burro shell. This burrito shell cover allows you to add your own style and character to any Burraco accessory and create a unique accessory that's functional, yet stylish at the same time. The burrito shell wrap wraps over and around a burro shell, creating a beautiful decorative effect for any occasion or party. Burraco shells are made from Burraco burro material that is made from a high-grade natural Burraco cover and covered with a non-absorbent, UV protective polyethylene film.

And for a more fun twist to your burrito wraps, try adding some burrito beads, rubber ducky and turquoise beads for some extra zing! You'll find that burrito beads will add sparkle to any burrito accessory, while the burraco turquoise beads will make for a great accent to any burraco burro shell wrap, or burro wrap accessory.

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