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Commercial Burlap Fabric Uses Around the Home

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What are burlap fabric and what makes it so valuable as an eco-friendly product? Burlap, which comes from the paper-like husks of the much loved and valued cactus plant, is harvested in many parts of Mexico. The plant is harvested and used as a source of fiber for textiles and other products. Because of the plant's sturdiness and natural beauty, burlap fabric is often used in the United States to create burlap bags, pillow cases, throws, and other decorative and functional items. Now, thanks to the Internet, you too can enjoy the benefits of burlap and reap the benefits of using this eco-friendly material.

The first way in which you can use burlap for your business is to purchase a small amount at a wholesale outlet. This will allow you to get the burlap fabric and have it shipped directly to you. You can also check with local schools or organizations to see if they have any available in order to help you get started. You can even search online for websites that specialize in burlap fabric.

Another way to use burlap is in your own home decorating projects. Create beautiful border accents for around your household furnishings, such as tables and dressers. Place a couple of small strips of the fabric on the top of your mirrors. If you have a large accent table, you can cut small squares of the burlap to fit perfectly onto its corners. You can also place strips along the tops of chairs and leave the entire row unfinished. To dress up, throw pillows, simply cut small squares and use them to create beautiful background effects on the covers of your throw pillows.

You can also make decorative items out of burlap. Purchase a needlepoint frame from a craft store or an online retailer and stitch together several different pieces of burlap with colorful thread. Remember to purchase some burlap-dressing wool to line the frame and use some fabric paint to finish it off. The resulting pillow will have that old worn look that many people associate with burlap, but only if you choose the right color. Use lighter shades of brown and green for softer textural effects.

You can use your burlap fabric in a variety of other ways. You can create beautiful plaques to hang on the walls of your home. Place one beside the front door of your home and another on the back door. Other uses include throws and cushions.

While there are many uses for commercial grade burlap, one of the most practical uses is its ability to protect your home. Because it is naturally abrasion resistant, the fabric can be placed under the glass of your shower to help prevent scratches. It can also be placed on the top of furniture to keep water and wind from making stains. If you have children, you can take care of your outdoor activities without worrying about accidentally scratching their surfaces. Even burlap bags can be used around your pool to protect the pool furniture from wind and salt spray.


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