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Crochet Jute Bag Pattern

Environment Friendly Durable Burlap Shopping Bag
1) 100% Jute material
2) Size, Color, Density and Logo Printting can be customized.


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This Crochet Jute Bag Pattern is a simple stitch that creates a durable and beautiful accessory for your person or your purse. It will provide the wonderful satisfaction of having a beautiful and useful item, without the hassle of maintaining it or cleaning it after use. The pattern is easy to follow, and requires no fancy stitches or complicated weaving skills. You can easily make a gift for any occasion, be it a birthday gift, or a bridal shower gift.

Using the Crochet Jute Bag Pattern is really very simple. In the beginning you will need a hook in a size appropriate for your skill level, thread and a piece of material suitable for a project such as this. You are supposed to know how to work in the round or by increasing and decreasing stitches in the round, and how to pick up stitches from the needle. Once you have the basics down, you can begin working the first row. This will make the first of the first loop, which is the foundation chain. For this row you will only need a crochet hook and the stitches needed, and for the rest of the rows you will only need the remainder of the yarn for the work.

The next row will start off with a sc. You will then add the yarn needed, from the end of the row. The following row will start off with a sl st, which is a slip stitch. These stitches should be worked into the stitches of the previous row, as well as a sc to finish off the row. The following row will continue with the foundation chain, making a second loop, which should be the second chain. This third row will then consist of a single crochet, or chain two, two rows before the chain four, or turning chain.

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