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How to Make a Car Cover Using Wide Burlap Fabric

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Wide burlap is a loosely woven textured fabric with a large natural woven weave pattern and which is identified for its rich, natural honey-colored beige color. Wide burlap is also referred to as jute and Hessian jute and is mainly used for various applications and comes in large burlap rolls for different applications. It is also used for making ghillie suits, camo fatigues, and camouflage. Wide burlap can also be sewed into other fabrics. The use of wide burlap goes back centuries to Indian, Egyptian and Mayan cultures.

Wide burlap is made by grinding the natural jute fibers together using human or animal muscles to form a solid fabric. The texture and strength of the finished product depends on the method of grinding, the fiber's color and the amount of jute fibers were used in the creation of the wide burlap fabric. Modern technologies have made it possible to produce wide burlap fabric through several processes. The basic process is still used though, but modern machinery and procedures make it faster and more efficient. Wide burlap is usually treated chemically before it is woven. This helps the fabric to stay wrinkle free and stain resistant even after it has been exposed to harsh chemicals such as paint and petroleum products for many years.

You can make wide burlap fabric covers for your vehicle in just one day using the following recipe. Take an equal amount of jute and olefin fiber and mix them together. Sew the material to the front and back of your vehicle using smooth stitches. Before you place this fabric over your vehicle to make sure it is stretched tightly.

After you finish creating the cover for your car take another one-inch square of your natural heavy upholstery fabric and cut along the pattern lines. Use your rotary tool to spread the material out on your car with your needle. After you finish stretching your wide burlap weave the edges of the fabric onto your car using smooth stitches.

You will need to measure your car from front to back. If you do not have a tape measure, you can use a string and mark off where the fabric ends at. Get another piece of your natural heavy upholstery fabric and measure the width of your car from side to side. Remember that we recommend using natural heavy fabric because anything made of synthetic material will fall apart after a few washes. You will now have two pieces of wide burlap fabric. Now you are ready to make the cover for your car.

For those of you who may not be familiar with wide burlap fabric there is an easy way to tell the difference between it and your normal upholstery fabric. You can easily tell the difference by soaking the two fabrics and then drying them on an outside window for ten minutes. If you can see a faint water stain on one of the fabrics it is most likely the natural heavy upholstery fabric. Once you have the two fabrics together take a sewing machine and sew the edges together forming a border for the interior of your car. We suggest using a heavy weight cotton for this project and then lining fabric to help keep your items inside. Now your car is finally protected from all that nature has to offer.


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