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How to Use Burlap Ribbon in Home Decorating

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Burlap Ribbon has many uses in home decorating. The most common use is for tying a table runner to a chair, but there are many other possibilities. You can use it to wrap candies or candles, tie kitchen towels to the dining room chairs, tie bracelets on long hair accessories and much more. I have prepared a few examples of how to use it.

As mentioned earlier, the best way to decorate a kitchen is to use baby cribs or strollers as centerpieces. I have a three-year-old that loves running around his room collecting all the little things he finds on his daily walks. For this reason, I decided to use burlap strips to tie all of his baby supplies to the end of the crib runner. They make great ties because they are thin enough to hold up to the weather, but strong enough to hold the most fragile baby items like jewelry and little bottles.

For another great choice for using white burlap ribbon, I made a gift bag from an old holiday sweater. I cut the front and back of the sweater into squares. I used white burlap to tie a sewing loop to each side. Then I used small pieces of red and white tissue paper to add a few designs on the sides. I attached this bag to the waist of my baby's nursery chair to make sure he will always remember his "birthday" at least once every year.

Using white burlap ribbon for baskets is easy too. Just simply buy a bunch of burlap and tie each one to a thread. Add some colorful paint and voila! You have a beautiful basket that has one of your favorite baby items inside. This could be anything from a baby bath towel to a few of the toys that he already has.

Rugs can also be used for burlap ties. However, if you want to use this type of ribbon as something else, it is worth it to learn more about it. Some of the "beaded" burlap styles are very hard to find in stores. So you can also search for them online. Just be careful not to get any burlap with glue in it.

You can also use white burlap ribbon to tie the chairs in your dining room together. I am planning to buy a set of tables for our dining room soon, so I would like to see what all of the chairs are going to look like once they are all fixed. If I am going to buy chairs, then I want to buy them in different colors to be able to match them to the other colors of the table. I also want to be able to create some really nice drapery designs in each chair.

Because all of these seats are small, I can just tie the ribbon around them individually. It makes me wish there were more than one color so that I could give each chair a different color of burlap ribbon. With all of these options, I can imagine how fun it would be to have my friends over for a dinner party and have the guests sitting in different chairs. They will be able to appreciate the different looks. It would be a lot of fun to put up the color coordinated decorations.

There are many different styles of burlap to choose from. All of them come in different sizes and weights. Take your time when shopping to determine which burlap style will fit your needs the best. Once you find the right style for you, you can have a ton of fun making all kinds of things with it.

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