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Image Jute Fabric

Wholesale Custom Eco-friendly Linen Burlap Fabric
1) 100% Jute material
2) Size, Color, Density and Logo Printting can be customized.


fabric made from hemp or jute

Jute Canary Fabric

There are many different types of jute fabric, all with their own particular qualities and uses. So you can have your jute drapes and you can have jute curtains and you can even have your jute rugs. The use of jute fabric will also vary depending on what you are doing with it. While jute is a good material for crafting, it can also be used for outdoor uses, such as lawn furniture or fabric flower bed covers.

Jute comes from the same root as the English word "jute" which means string or tow and is actually a hard, reddish, clay like fiber that is harvested from a specific variety of grass plant in the Cushitic Steppe area of India. This grass type is only found there, so it is actually the only type of jute cultivated by man. Unlike other types of fiber and rope that we have today, jute is not made from the same plant that gives silk its strength. However, many people may confuse jute for cotton because they are very similar in appearance and qualities. However, while jute has a naturally more "squeaky" sound, it is significantly stronger than cotton fibers and can hold a much higher amount of weight.

Jute is actually a versatile material that is both soft and durable. In fact, the best quality of jute, aside from its softness, is that it is quite forgiving to wear, drape, and twist, and can stretch and mold to fit a variety of shapes. One of the greatest advantages of jute is that it is so affordable. It is so cheap that you can buy large quantities and then sell or trade the extra to a manufacturer that can make you even more money. In addition, jute is available in most sizes, colors, and styles you would expect from other materials. In the end, jute is a great material for crafting, and for its durability, it can last you for a very long time, if used properly and to the proper thickness.

fabric made from hemp or jute

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