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Jute Burlap - The New Synthetic Material

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Jute Burlap, also known as Hessian, jute in Canada and the US, or croc in Jamaica, is a fine woven fiber typically made from sisal or jute fibers, which can be interwoven with other natural plant fibers to make coarse ropes, nets, mats, and even other items. The weave is very fine; sometimes referred to as microfiber or micro-fabric. Jute gunny is very similar in structure and texture.

Raw Jute, or "tweed," is ground into fine grains for rope, threads, matting, padding and stuffing for clothing, bags, boxes and sacks. It is commonly found in the fields of West Africa and India, in tropical rain forests, where the plants are used for making baskets, mats, blankets, bedding, clothing, and toys. Raw Jute is often washed by using detergents but is extremely delicate; especially when it is mixed with lanolin, a fat derived from lard.

Jute gunny is often mixed with nylon and other synthetics. The resulting product is a very smooth, high quality material that is strong and flexible, but not overly durable. It can be dyed, but not as bright as "raw" Jute.

Jute burlap is the rawest form of Jute that is commonly found in North America. This product, known as "Hessian", is much more refined and polished than "raw" Jute. The Jute fibers are finely ground and mixed with other natural plant fibers such as grasses, wood chips, pine straw and other vegetable sources to create a smooth, uniform product.

Jute has a distinctive smell and appearance that distinguish it from the other kinds of "Jute" fibers. There are many types of Jute burlap and each of them has a distinctive texture, color and appearance. Most Jute burlap is available from most gardening supply and garden store outlets or can be purchased online.

It is possible to dye Jute to match your favorite colors or personalize your favorite things and dishes. Jute burlap comes in a variety of natural shades and hues, and the use of dyes can change the color and feel of the fibers. In addition, Jute has unique characteristics such as being extremely flexible and being able to be used together with cotton, polyester, nylon and polypropylene fibers. It can also be dyed to give any dish a special color, texture, scent or texture.

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