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Jute Fabric Trim

32*32 250g
Jute Cloth
100% jute material cloth, environmental and economic, can be recycle use.
Accept customerize for Width, Weight and Thickness, etc.


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Jute fabric trim is an excellent choice of material for the installation of perimeter fencing. Jute is a synthetic fiber that has been around for many years and has a simple knot system that can be tied with little to no skill. It can also be installed over several times and is an attractive and inexpensive addition to any fencing system. Jute fabric fencing can also be used on a larger scale with the help of steel posts in areas where the size does not allow for traditional posts. Steel posts are a better choice for areas with heavy foot traffic such as parking lots or courtyards because they do not easily buckle or break under the weight of people walking on them.

Jute fabric fencing can also be used in areas where traditional metal fencing is not the most attractive feature. If someone would like to avoid having plants growing out of their garden that belong to neighbors, then this may be the perfect solution. They can still have some privacy but with a modern twist. Jute fabric fencing can be added to areas where one would like more flowers or a view that shows more color than a chain link fence can.

This material is a good investment for fencing applications. It is easy to install and comes in many colors. One could easily add in accent pieces such as more decorative plants or flowers that he or she wants. This material is also less expensive than other types of fencing. Not only is it easy to install but it is also easy to replace so there is no reason to invest in a new fence if you are dissatisfied with the results of your first attempt.

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