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Jute Gimp Fabric Trim

Accept OEM & ODM to make according to customers' requirements for Width, Grams and Color, etc.


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Jute Fabric Trim is a small piece of textile with a weight similar to burlap. It is usually used as fence, gimping, and platform mats for schools and universities. It is in better condition than burlap, it is hard but pliable. Jute has a tighter weave, producing strong layers and it is less dense, making it lighter. Due to its lightness and its strength, it is able to serve as an attractive alternative to burlap.

Jute can be traced to a Punjabi word which means the roof. People in that region had started to make use of this material for roofing. The woven textiles were later converted into a material called Jute. The Jute textile has a complex and intricate weaving pattern. It can be used as a rug and a temporary covering. Its strong physical properties make it a good material for gimping.

There are many reasons for people to have the Jute Fabric Trim for gimping. First of all, it has many advantages over burlap. This natural fiber is stronger than its synthetic counterpart. Another advantage is that it is an easy fabric to work with. In addition, this material can be dyed to match any colour or style of the design. The designs on the Jute fabric are often used in combination with various other decorations. In a business setting, the Jute Fabric Trim is perfect as it can be used for large quantities of fabrics and raw materials.

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