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Jute Twine Uses

10mm natural durable jute rope
1) 100% natural jute material
2) 100% biodegradable and eco friendly
3) length, color, quantity and logo can be customized


10mm natural durable jute rope

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2mm jute twine bulk

r ply jute twine

10mm woven natural jute twine is thicker than 5mm jute twine, 4 strands is twisted into one jute rope, also use high-quality jute raw materials from Bangladesh, it is durable in using some materials like monsa, compostable, ecofriendly. 10mm jute rope is usually used to pack some large gift boxes and large bags, because 10mm jute twine rope you stronger robustness, the package of large weight items have advantages, not easy to break, but also very beautiful, this is the advantage of 10mm jute burlap rope, the use is more extensive




High quality jute yarn



Quality grade



CB grade, hessian grade


10mm with 4ply

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