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  • Burlap Ribbon Makes Beautiful Gifts

    If you are looking to decorate any sort of clothing or accessory, you should consider using Burlap Ribbon and Burlap Beads to create stunning results. These are easy to work with as well as durable and can be made from a wide range of natural materials including cotton, twill, and hemp. They are oft   Read More>

  • Burraco Ribbon Addresses Country Style Fits

    If you're into everything country-inspired but just can't say "no" to synthetic materials, don't fret-in store of jute ribbon, you'll find 10 Yards burlap cable wrap ribbons, which come in two pieces and have a smooth weave design that mimics the natural appearance of Burlap. The natural, smooth tex   Read More>

  • Table Runner, Table Topper Patterns, Table Runner Patterns, Table Top Quilt Patterns

    Table Runner & Table Top Quilt Patterns you choose for a beautiful finish! No matter what the occasion or the time, you will be prepared with a beautiful table runner. Explore endless choice of table runner patterns and other table top quilting patterns in many different modern and traditional style   Read More>

  • Gift Bags For Men
    Gift Bags For Men

    Gift Bags Are Elegant It is December, the start of the holiday season! Gifts start to take on a higher priority. Maybe you have participated in the largest shopping event of the year, but now you have piles of gifts that need to be wrapped up. Gift bags are simply gorgeous.Most people who buy a gift   Read More>

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