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  • The Benefits of Synthetic Burlap Fabric
    The Benefits of Synthetic Burlap Fabric

    The benefits of synthetic burlap are many. It is a versatile fabric that is made from tightly woven polyester and is safe to use outdoors. Instead of the jute used to make natural burlap, this alternative is manufactured from plastic. This product is available in additional widths and colors. For mo

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  • Buying Turquoise Burlap Fabric
    Buying Turquoise Burlap Fabric

    A great place to start when looking for turquoise burlap fabric is the internet. These natural materials are ideal for crafting projects, and are very durable. A typical roll of turquoise burlap is 10 yards long and 9 inches wide. The natural color of the burlap makes it an ideal choice for gift-wra

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  • Polyester Burlap Fabric
    Polyester Burlap Fabric

    If you're looking for a versatile medium-weight burlap fabric, consider a roll of polyester burlap. This fabric is ideal for making window treatments, head boards, and toss pillows, as well as craft projects. The material is available by the yard or cut to order. You can use it to make a variety of

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  • Using Burlap Lace Fabric For Your Wedding Decorations
    Using Burlap Lace Fabric For Your Wedding Decorations

    You can find a variety of burlap lace fabrics at your local craft store, including a wide variety of styles and colors. This natural fabric is perfect for many occasions, including weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. The ribbon is one inch wide and three feet long, and is easy to work with. Ther

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  • Burlap Drapery Fabric
    Burlap Drapery Fabric

    The burlap drapery fabric is a durable, natural material that can add an earthy look to any room. This solid tan material makes an excellent choice for window treatments and is very versatile. While its name is misleading, it actually comes from the hessian fabric, which was originally worn by soldi

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  • Different Types of Gray Burlap Fabric
    Different Types of Gray Burlap Fabric

    Light Gray Burlap Fabric is a lightweight fabric that is ideal for crafts and decor projects. Popular with wedding guests for its rustic charm, this fabric is 8.5 ounces in weight and is made of 100% jute fibers. Instead of using utilitarian gray burlap, this color is more refined and sophisticated.

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