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Red Burlap Fabric Facts and Information

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Barn Red Burlap Fabric is ideal for embellishing with distressed or contrasting buttons. Boasting a rich red hue, this soft, durable and loosely rolled fabric is useful in all kinds of home decor, handmade crafts, table linens, and more. Red Burlap is woven from the fibers of the burlap plant, which is a type of woody vine that grows throughout many areas of Mexico and Central America. This highly sought after fabric is not only beautiful, it's also eco-friendly thanks to its production method. Although the plant is highly cultivated and grown, it is treated with herbicides to keep the plant from spreading and destroying surrounding crops.

To clean, hang to dry as soon as you pull it from the machine. Hang to dry in a laundry basket to avoid shrinkage, then run a line of straight or wide-toothed scissors through the fabric and pull it from the machine. The knot will come out freely and should release the stitch. To remove promptly, run a line of straight or wide-toothed scissors through the fabric again and snip off the long fiber end. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut an allowance of two inches for all subsequent weaves.

When washing, use a mild cycle on the washing machine and mild rinse, using a gentle soap or liquid dish washing detergent to avoid colors bleeding or staining. If desired, use a gentle bleaching detergent for the final rinse and spin cycle. Iron at a high heat setting in a gentle iron setting to keep color and fade to a minimum. To remove the majority of the red color and maintain the weft, tumble dry on a hanger and finish with a top quality clothes iron.

Red burlap has many uses, one of which is a very versatile type of floor covering. It can be dyed to match almost any color including pinks, blues, greens, blacks and even yellows or purples. Some of the most common uses include building a sheath to protect the floor from moisture and using it to cover up a pool or hot tub, protecting the floor from splashes and leakage. As a flooring material, red burlap is waterproof and extremely durable. It is water repellent, has few wrinkles and will not fade over time.

The color ranges from a dark, rich red to a soft pinkish red. The weave is generally straight with some wavy to medium sized irregularities. It can also be dyed various shades of blue, green, purple, teal and sometimes orange. Because of the weft construction of the burlap, it can easily be twisted and made into edging, borders, pockets, stripes and loops. In fact, burlap has been used to make fence posts, steps, gazebos, seat pads and many other interior decorative items.

Red burlap is strong enough to be used for sails and rope for boat covers. Even though it is a sturdy fabric that can withstand exposure to rain, sun and wind, it is not recommended as a fire retardant. If you decide to use this material as a flooring covering, be sure to use an extra-durable finish such as enamel paint or epoxy. It will be more durable if you allow it to sit in the sunlight without direct sunlight or a hot sun for several hours. Also make sure not to use the weave of the burlap to hide areas of weakness where it ties because if it is exposed to water, rust may set in.


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