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burlap roll is a good quality material for using in the Agriculture, construction, decoration and other industries. Good material for making green style life.
Product Description

What is burlap roll?

This is the most common weight burlap fabric, used in many applications such as table runners, table cloths, weddings, arts and crafts, tree wrap and home décor. Burlap roll is a natural material to make green products so that it is very popular in the market, because it is friendly for environment and health. 

Burlap has long been a gardener's favorite for its versatility and ability to provide both protection and breathability. Use our rolls to protect shrubs and evergreens.

What is different of burlap roll and jute fabric?

Burlap roll is made from jute fabric, usually we use jute yarn to produce jute fabric, jute fabric is a raw material to make burlap roll. Burlap roll can do customized size, usually have 1.6m width, 1.2m width, 80cm width, 30cm width etc. according client’s require. So burlap roll is a good product can be customized. And It is widely used in gardens and decoration.

Where can buy premium quality and competitive price burlap roll?

China is the manufacturing center of the world, The quality and price of the products are deeply loved by customers.

Our Anji county jiahe jute textile factory have 20 experiences in this jute textile industrial. Has served thousands of clients from different countries. The product is well liked by the market. And as a OEM factory, our OEM technology is power, we can do any customized for you! Choose our factory is the best decision.

roll of burlap

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