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Soft Burlap Fabric

soft burlap fabric is a jute fabric of 60*60density, weight about 320g/㎡. the 100% Soft Burlap Fabric is ideal for a wide variety of fabric and decor based projects. this jute fabric is perfect for creating a rustic chic wedding theme and home decor accents like table runners, no-sew window coverings, apparel, crafts, pew bow and much more.
Product Description

jute linen fabric

laminated jute fabric



Size:normal is 1.6m*100m per roll, accept customized size.

Color:natural and customzed color



Soft burlap fabric also can call jute cloth ,burlap cloth etc, 6060 burlap fabric is a high density jute fabric, usually use it to make fashion jute handbag and some decoration products. Many cutsomters purchase burlap fabric roll to decorative thire wedding or important party, like jute table runner, jute wine bags, jute tableware bags. Soft burlap fabric is the best material to make these popular products. 

Soft burlap fabric is made by natural high quality jute, what is jute? Jute is a plant which is  widely grown in Bangladesh and India. The raw material of jute fabric is jute yarn, jute yarn is a fibre from jute. Due to jute comes from vegetable so that jute fabric is a 100%eco-friendly fabric.

Why purchase 6060 burlap fabric?

6060 density jute fabric is a high density fabric, it is more greater in weight and quality than 3030 jute fabric, 4040 jute fabric ,5050 jute fabric etc. main clients will purchase 6060 density soft burlap fabric to make jute tote bag and some Decorative products for wedding party and family party. Like jute table runner, jute ribbon,etc.

Where can purchase burlap fabric?

China, Bangladesh and India are the major producers of Burlap Fabric in the world, accounting for 80% of the jute Fabric, although Bangladesh and India have advantages of material and labor cost, but China still is the biggest jute fabric supplier in the world. And China has a perfect production system and extremely high production efficiency, and customer service is also the best. If you have interest about jute fabric, pls contact us---Anji county jiahe jute textile factory.

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