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Uses for Soft Burlap Fabric

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Burlap, also known as soft burlap, is a popular alternative to heavy canvas in making many types of decorative and practical fabric materials. Soft burlap can be used for wallpaper, tablecloths, linens and more. Burlap is one of the strongest natural wall covering materials and is easy to work with, yet surprisingly light weight. That makes it great for uses where weight is important, such as on a bulletin board or back of a truck.

Making a bulletin board or other large surface using burlap is simple. The material comes pre-pasted with a stencil for simple framing. The top edge of the burlap is covered with a protective coating that resists staining. The back of the burlap is then neatly pressed onto the board liner, which sticks easily to the board's underside.

Soft fabric burlap is also useful for creating backrest cushions for chairs. It can be dyed to match any color of furniture, so it can be used to make the perfect accent piece for your home. The material is also ideal for creating throw pillows for children, which is both functional and decorative.

Soft burlap can be used to make an attractive mat board. Because of the tight weave, the matting is durable and stands up well to wear and tear. The matting can also be used to cover up a wooden floor. The wood will stand up to years of everyday wear. Burlap is also an excellent choice to use as a border or around a picture. The burlap can be dyed to blend in with the background color of the picture or it can be made with a specific pattern in mind.

Soft burlap makes up an integral part of the Thai traditional weaving culture and is often used to produce stunning floor mats and banners. The fabric is so versatile that it can also be used to create the backing for a variety of bags, such as gourmet lunch bags, beach bags and travel bags. Burlap can also be printed on a variety of materials, including clothing and shower curtains.

Soft fiber glass material that comes from the bark of the jute plant has made it a popular choice for many designers to work with. There are several benefits to using burlap fabric, not the least of which is its light weight. It can be used as a runner, coverlet, tablecloth or a shawl, and it is also a unique and unusual material. Due to its versatility, burlap fabric is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand fabrics in fashion today.


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