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Which Burlap Fabric Colors Should I Choose?

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Burlap fabric colors have much to offer as floor covering options. You can also use it for quilting and other crafting projects. There is a wide variety of natural shades to choose from. Some of the most popular colors include black, blue, green, brown, gray, orange, pink, red, purple, white, yellow, and pink-brown. These are just some of the many colors available.

Q. "How do you select your burlap fabric colors?" A. We suggest that when choosing a certain color, try on a few different swatches. That way, you can see how closely the colors match one another.

Q. "How can I ensure my order arrives on time and in good condition?" A. Our absolute guarantee is this: Professional grade premium burlap fabric colors will arrive on time and in good condition.

Q. "I am interested in using premium burlap fabric in an area where travel magnets are used, such as my car. Do you sell premium magnets and how can I be sure I'm getting the right ones to match my burlap colors?" A. We sell both standard and premium burlap magnetic strips with the same colors and designs available.

Q. "I have found a great website with lots of helpful information. Can you give me ideas about the best way to design my product and make it unique?" A. Yes, our website allows you to upload photos of your finished product, give us your suggestions for design, and let us create the perfect, most unique burlap product to fit your needs.

Q. "I live in New Mexico but now I need to send something to my friend in California. Is it possible to ship internationally using this product? I am having trouble locating burlap to send overseas." A.

Q. "Can you give me any advice on how to properly prepare my burlap to ensure that it will arrive on time and in excellent condition when it arrives?" A.

Q. "I live in Alaska. Will the burlap fabric still work in my climate?" A. Yes, the burlap is a very versatile material and can be used in temperatures from the cold arctic tundra to the hot, humid tropical climate.

You can also use the same beautiful raffia paper that we use in our home. We use brown burlap magnet board for creating handmade southwestern baby rattles and we use red crayon magnet board for making colorful southwestern baby rattles. You can find brown burlap magnet board or red crayon magnet board in our website. These beautiful handmade rattle bells can be used for traveling, hanging on walls as wall hangings, creating unique table centerpieces, or you can make your own unique southwestern Indian pottery items. Either way you will enjoy the rich colorful quality of burlap woven fabric.


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