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Why You Should Use Chevron Burlap Fabric

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Chevron Burlap Fabric is a new entrant in the bedding industry. It has made a splash as it combines style and eco-friendliness in a way few other fabrics can do. As with any other material, the manufacturing process does involve some harmful chemicals. In fact, one of the most toxic chemicals being used today in textile production is the solvent chlorination byproduct called chloroform. So what exactly are the benefits to using burlap fabric? Let's take a look.

Like anything else, burlap can be used for everything from building paper to a protective layer against the sun. Today, however, we see the incorporation of burlap fabric into bedding for a couple of distinct reasons. To begin with, like burlap, it is incredibly lightweight. It can even be used for the construction of clothing!

The second reason is related to how the burlap fabric itself is woven. Unlike most other types of woven fabrics, this one incorporates a metal mesh backing, rather than a flat weave back. This mesh backing not only creates a sleeker look, but it also keeps the material from bunching up on the seams. Since this mesh backing isn't actually part of the fabric, it doesn't have to be sewn in. As long as it is there, it can help make the piece last longer.

What do you need to do to use burlap fabric? Like most materials, the trick is to use it in a way that lets it serve as an insulator. Like many natural fibers, its fine texture allows it to trap air and moisture without feeling like it's being forced to do so. In fact, it actually acts like a cushion on your bare feet while you sleep at night.

The final reason to use burlap as a bedding material is because it has a high level of thermal conductivity. It's not like cotton or wool, which are typically lower in thermal conductivity. Instead, burlap is comparable to silk, with a little bit of a difference. While silk tends to be cooler, burlap retains its heat long after you've pulled it off the fire. This means that you can go for months with just a couple of extra shirts under your bed, because the heat will stay away.

Now that you know these reasons to use burlap fabric, it's time to go out and get yourself some. Although it doesn't come cheap, you're better off spending a few dollars to save up for a big purchase like this. After all, when you consider how comfortable and how stylish this type of cover is, you can see why it's such a good investment. Just make sure you get burlap fabric made from the best materials possible, so you get the most value for your money.


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